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This wikia is about the iOS Strategy game Dark District by Kabam. Build your Squad of Mechanized soldiers to rush the enemy opposition as you crush their bases into rubble and become the ultimate warlord in a corrupted society.

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Dark District wiki is just starting up and we need gamers who have knowledge from the game Dark district to post honest as well as accurate information about the game. Any images of units, buildings and defenses would help support pages with their main topic so it's important to not withhold any in-game information as this will be used to educate other gamers.


Dark District is part of the clash clans trend and as such the game should not be viewed as an exact copy of said game so please do not throw a temper nor vandalize any articles related to the site as all hostile users will be warned and if they refuse to behave civilly then they will be blocked depending on the severity of the edit or edits.

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